About postgraduate programs

SSIC provides training of highly qualified educational workers (scientific teaching staff) under postgraduate curriculum in the following areas:

44.06.01 Education and Educational Sciences. Major “Theory and methods of vocational education”.

45.06.01 Linguistics and Theory and History of Literature. Major “Library Science, Bibliography and Book Science”, Major “Germanic languages”.

51.06.01 Cultural Studies. Major “Theory and History of Culture”.

Postgraduates are awarded the qualification “Researcher. Teacher- Researcher”. Academic degree “Candidate of science” is awarded after Postgraduate Studies upon public presentation of the dissertation.


Admission requirements

Applicants to Postgraduate course take oral examinations.The training is in the Russian language.

To enroll in Postgraduate level program the applicants take the following entrance examinations:

major subject in accordance with the teaching staff training program;

foreign language.

Foreign and nonresident postgraduate students are provided with accommodation in a dormitory (without family members).

Enrolment period of document submission

The terms of applying of Postgraduate applicants’ documents are fixed annually in the period of the Institute entrance exams.