Scientific work

The Institute priority is the research in the fields of the humanities, arts and culture.

Scientific work of SSIC is organized along several interdisciplinary themes:

  • problems of culture modernization (1),
  • issues of national cultural heritage (2),
  • scientific, methodical and training documentation of educational programs of the Institute of Culture (3),
  • professional art in the context of world culture (4).

Within the framework of the themes listed above the Institute organizes international and All-Russian conferences, publishes scientific collections, monographs, develops scientific projects for participation in grant programs and provides dissertation research.

The unique feature of SSIC is the combination of artistic and humanitarian education, research and creative projects.

Synthesis of education, science and art allows students and teachers to master new ways of thinking and activity intimately and creatively, produce great result, become famous within and outside Russia.

Candidate and Doctoral dissertations, academic degrees and honorary titles, annual grant support, title of laureates of international and All-Russian competitions received by the students, postgraduate students and teachers of SSIC are the result of such synthesis.

There are strong scientific schools creating human resources and research capacities of the Institute and building up its academic image.

Among famous scientific and art schools of Russia there is:

Cultural Studies (Elleonora A. Kurulenko, Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor);

Library Science, Bibliography and Book science (Margarita G. Vokhrysheva, Doctor of Education, Professor);

History of Provincial Culture (Lyudmila M. Artamonova, Ph.D. in History, Professor);

Art Criticism (music art – Professor Dmitry A. Dyatlov, Professor Yevgeny S. Gruzinov, Professor Nadezhda E. Ilves, Professor Lyudmila A. Terentyeva, Professor Sergey N. Zagadkin, Professor Viktor A. Drozhnikov);

Theatre art  (Professor Mikhail A. Karpushkin).

International School for Advanced Cultural Studies actively works in the field of scientific communication (Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor Vladimir I. Ionesov) and has contacts with well-known scientists from Europe, Asia and America.

Annual scientific projects of SSIC are of great interest among academic and artistic communities. They are International scientific and practical conference “Modernization of Culture”, International scientific and practical conference “Professional music art in the context of world culture”, All-Russian scientific and practical conference “National cultural heritage of Russia: regional aspect”.

Projects and Conferences

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