The Department of Theory and History of Culture and International School for Advanced Research in Cultural Studies of Samara State Institute of Culture with the participation and under support of the Atrium Society - Educators to End Conflict are presenting The International Art Student Competition "Postcards for Peace from Terrence".

The main goal of the "Postcards from Terrence" project is to pay attention to great potential of free peace creativity of students by means of postcards. Another task of this project is to inspire the students to peaceful studies through art and multicultural creativity. Every picture postcard contains the instructive illustrations and short wise messages (in Russian and English) about how to make our world a better place. Such way enables to do key concepts and social mission of peace education more accessible and comprehensible. At present time, there are more than 150 works submitted by children and students (aged 7 to 20 years). 10 winners and 25 best postcards are selected.

Authors of these works will be awarded the special gifts by Samara State Institute of Culture and get personal grants from the Atrium Society - Educators to End Conflict. Besides, every contributor of this project will be encouraged with the personal certificate from the Atrium Society.

President of the Atrium Society and Honorary Professor of Samara State Institute of Culture Terrence Webster-Doyle says: “If we try to bring about peace, whose peace are we advocating as the one that will do it? Are we saying that “all paths lead to peace” and therefore we need to embrace all “paths of peace”? Aren’t these “paths,” these widely varying ideological survival expectations, the very thing that fragments the human race, dividing us into opposing parties and therefore creating conflict? If this is so, perhaps we need through a process of elimination of what prevents peace, come upon peace. How can “knowledge” put an end to the knowledge that is creating conflict? Do we need more knowledge to counter the information that is dividing us and creating conflict? Self-understanding is understanding of the whole human race, for we are the world and the world is us”.

Awarding ceremony will take place on the International Day of Peace, 21 September 2017 in Samara State Institute of Culture.

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