Since the 1970s, the Institute has provided training in "Choir Conducting" and "Orchestra Conducting". The Faculty of Music Performing Art was founded in 1991. The main task of the faculty is training of highly qualified specialists for performing and teaching activity in the field of professional musical art and folk musical art.

The Faculty offers 5 Bachelor degree programs including 11 majors:

Musical and Instrumental Music Art (piano; orchestra string instruments; orchestra wind and percussion instruments; button accordion, piano accordion, stringed plucking instruments);

Vocal art (academic singing);

Folk singing art (choral folk singing; solo folk singing);

Conducting (academic choir conducting; conducting of folk instrument orchestra);

Music study and musical and applied art (musicology; ethnomusicology).

The Faculty offers 2 Specialist degree programs (3 specializations):

Art of Concert Performance (piano; concert folk instruments);

Musical and theatrical art (opera singing art).

Graduates are awarded Specialist's degree.

Master program:

Musical Instrumental Art



Orchestra string instruments (by type of instruments: violin, viola);

Orchestra wind and percussion instruments (by type of instruments: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet);

Button accordion, piano accordion, stringed plucking instruments.

The Faculty also offers additional educational programs: advanced training and staff retraining in the area of the Faculty expertise, pre-academic preparatory program which includes pre-vocational training (Children's Art School).

The Faculty of Music Performing Art (Conservatoire) comprises 7 Departments:

the Department of Orchestra Instruments (Head of the Department - Victor A. Drozhnikov, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor);

the Department of Folk Instruments (Head of the Department - Yevgeny S. Gruzinov, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor);

the Department of Piano (Head of the Department - Tatyana V. Svitova, Ph.D. in Pedagogy, Associate Professor);

the Department of Vocal Art (Head of the Department - Nadezhda E.Ilves, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor);

the Department of Choral and Solo Folk Singing (Head of the Department - Natalya V. Bikmetova, Ph.D. in Art history, Associate Professor);

the Department of History and Theory of Music (Head of the Department - Anna V. Karpova, Ph.D. in Art history, Associate Professor);

the Department of Choral Conducting (Head of the Department - Natalya E. Gerasimova, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor).

The academic staff of the Conservatoire includes highly qualified professionals: professors, Honored Artists of Russia, Honored Workers of Russia, doctors and candidates of science. Many of them perform as solo artists and work in professional music organizations.

Teachers and students actively participate in artistic life of the city and the region. The Institute provides unique training and creative facilities for practical mastering of musical professions, namely creative teams. Each graduate department has creative teams and the students do their educational and performing internship on their basis.

The calling card of the Faculty of Music Performing Art is annual competition-festivals and the unique creative laboratory, i.e. musical and philharmonic center (Conservatoire).

Every Monday teachers, students and famous professional musicians perform academic, folk and jazz music in a beautiful concert hall of the XIX-XX centuries.

The Faculty organizes annual competitions and festivals. Among them there is International musical competition-festival named after Savely Orlov, (categories cover all main faculty training areas and specialties); International Music Festival of Vocal Art named after Vyacheslav Khramov; International Music Festival "Heart to Heart. Mikhail Gubsky presents"; interregional and regional festivals"School ship", "Conservatoire Christmas parties", "Choir Jamboree".

The Faculty has good material and technical basis and learning environment. At the students' disposal there are 3 concert halls equipped with modern high-quality musical instruments (concert pianos), a fair number of classrooms and lecture halls. The assembly hall has one of the most favorable acoustics in the city. The Departments of Orchestra Instruments and Folk Instruments have specialized rooms with enough printed music and musical instruments. There is a separate Sheet Music library for teachers, students of the Faculty and pupils of the Children's Music school.

The quality of professional training is confirmed by the Faculty Graduates' competitiveness in the labor market. The high rating of their performance is commended by honorary titles in the field of culture and art, promotion to high positions. The Faculty graduates work in the Opera and Ballet Theaters, Philharmonic Societies, Symphony orchestras, Russian Folk Instrument orchestras, Academic, Folk and Show choirs; in primary and tertiary education system, different cultural and artistic institutions of Russia and foreign countries.


Dean, Victor I. Svitov,

Associate Professor

+7 (846) 333-24-79