Faculty graduates are increasingly in demand in cultural environment not only of the Volga region but far beyond Russia. Some of them work in their chosen specialization in the UK, Germany, France, the USA. Faculty graduates are at the head of cultural institutions and their structural units, leading experts, winners of professional competitions. They have scientific degrees, honorary titles and ranks, different awards.


The faculty comprises 6 Departments:

- the Department of Theory and History of Culture (Head of the Department – Vladimir I. Ionesov, Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor);

- the Department of Social, Cultural and Information Technologies (Head of the Department – Vera A. Kurina, Doctor of Education, Professor);

- the Department of Management and Cultural Economics(Head of the Department – Svetlana V. Domnina, Ph.D in Economics, Professor);

- the Department of Document Science and Bibliography (Head of the Department – Margarita G. Vokhrysheva, Doctor of Education, Professor, Honored Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation);

- the Department of Library Science (Head of the Department – Irina Yu. Akifyeva, Ph.D in Pedagogy, Associate Professor);

- the Department of Computer Sciences and Information Technologies (Head of the Department – Mikhail N. Mysin, Ph.D in Pedagogy, Associate Professor).

All these Departments are graduate ones.

The Faculty offers 4 degree programs and 8 majors.

Master programs:

Cultural Studies


“Culture of Foreign Countries and Regions”,

Library and Information Activity


“Theory and Methodology of Information Analytics”.

The faculty offers full-time and extramural course of study. Training is provided on a budgetary (state-financed) and contractual basis.

The training is provided by highly qualified academic staff. 80% of teachers with scientific degrees including 5 doctors of science work at the Faculty.

The faculty is on the rise and offers students an opportunity for perfection in different areas.

Training is successfully combined with scientific and creative activity.

Students as well as teachers are involved in research activity of the Faculty.

The Department of Theory and History of Culture has scientific society “Artefact – cultural diversity” and International School for Advanced Research in Cultural Studies.



Bachelor programs:

 Cultural Studies


Theory of Culture

Cross-cultural communication (two foreign languages – English and German)

Social and Cultural Activity


“Management of Social and Cultural Activity”,

“Social and Cultural Animation and Recreation”.

Library and Information Activity


“Management of Library and Information Activity”,

“Information Analytics”,

“Technology of Automated Library and Information Resources”.

Document Science and Archive Science


“Document Science and Document Support of Management”.



The study of the Volga region book and bibliographic culture takes place on the basis of the Museum of Book.

Students participate in different competitions. Many of their projects got different diplomas, certificates and medals.

Teachers regularly organize scientific workshops, round-table conferences, debates and discussions. The students take active part in them and share the results of their scientific research.

The students can pursue their scientific research in a post-graduate course of the Faculty within scientific schools “Theory of Culture” and “Library Science, Bibliography and Book Science”.

An important element of social and cultural project development is the students’ creative activity (competitions, business and animation projects) and other types of students’ creative work (exhibitions of students’ works, photo contests, amateur theater “Vne Sistemy” (“Outside the System”), students’ amateur choir, Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted, etc.).


Dean of the Faculty Vera A. Kurina

Doctor of Education, Professor

+7 (846) 3332621