The Samara State Institute of Culture plans to hold the 5-th International  Scientific-Practical Сonference (May 29-30, 2017) “Culture modernization: from the tradition devoted person to creative subject”.

Multi-level and complex organization of modernization processes requires multidisciplinary scientific research. The Conference was originally conceived as a forum of variety of discipline and paradigm approaches.

Forthcoming scientific event is focused on the discussion of anthropological grounds of culture modernization. Modernization of society and culture is only possible when people as a subject of modernization can refer themselves  both with changes, changing and adapting to new contexts, and tradition, rethinking and forming institutions for sustainable development. It is necessary to pay attention to those cultural practices which would enable the development of human productivity and creativity (protagonist of culture). Creativity becomes the slogan of modern culture, ranging from alternative youth practices (parkour, graffiti, flash mob, etc.) to large-scale scientific and cultural forums. Culture provides the creative subject a huge space for activities starting from practices of preserving the heritage and ending with cutting-edge works of art turned to the future of humanity.

Culture is becoming the true power of contemporary transformation of the society. It generates not just knowledge, technology and the arts but creates everyday life of people, directs them to something new, innovative, unusual and productive. The consequence is inevitably the acceleration of the pace of life, changes and growth. Only culture can balance such instability, which on the part of heritage will preserve, update canons and sense of the past, choose significant samples, meanings and works for the future.

The new situation makes human existence less sustainable, requiring greater responsibility of everyone, but successful modernization of the society is impossible without understanding of this fact. Prerequisite to the realization of such values to change is functioning of civil society, social institutions and the elite's responsibility for culture, education, value system and ideals.

Our activity and our knowledge determine the survival of education and culture. If the thought of modernization is global it is necessary to operate locally, therefore, the 5th international scientific and practical conference “Culture modernization: from the tradition devoted person to creative subject” will work in the following spheres:

  • Anthropological turn in scientific knowledge
  • Multiple modernity and projects of "new anthropology of culture"
  • Humanism in the context of globalization
  • Humanistic projects in technogenic world: utopia and dystopia, science fiction and cosmology
  • The image of the human person in an era of changes
  • New media and creative environment of modern culture
  • Tradition and traditionality in cultural anthropology and anthropology of culture
  • Art and creativity: conceptual boundaries, differences and semantic match
  • Horizons of art and creativity in culture: service to eternity or response to the situation?                                                                                                
  • The legislation in the sphere of culture: traditionalism and modernism
  • Transformation of heritage in the course of the society and culture modernization
  • National strategies in preserving cultural heritage
  • The city as a territory of creativity
  • Institute of education and creative subject
  • Art as artistic practice and Cultural Institute: the metamorphosis of tradition, creativity, art
  • Logic and pragmatics of creativity
  • Memory and oblivion as sources of creativity and traditionality
  • Commemoration in the context of modern culture
  • The fate of an author in culture
  • Creativity in network culture
  • Institutionalizing of cultural innovations: historical, theoretical, practical aspects
  • Transformation and transformers: technogenic image of modernized culture
  • Post-modern and post-anthropology
  • Modern political subject between the normative sphere and creative action
  • The subject in culture centered scientific paradigm
  • Anthropology of art and creativity: historical metamorphoses of meanings
  • Reception and reconstruction of artistic experience in the arts and humanities

The 5th international scientific and practical Conference “Culture modernization: from traditional personality to creative subject” is held to bring together researchers dealing with the modernization of culture, practitioners, representatives of academic, artistic communities and authorities, all those who are interested in scientific analysis and integration of our efforts in transformation of Russian province cultural life.

Organizing Committee:

  • Elleonora Kurulenko, Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor, Rector of the Samara State Institute of Culture.
  • Svetlana Solovyova, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor, vice-rector in scientific work and international communication of the Samara State Institute of Culture.
  • Ludmila Artamonova, Doctor of History, Professor, Head of the Department of History (the Samara State Institute of Culture).
  • Vladimir Ionesov, Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor, Head of the Department of Culture Theory and History (the Samara State Institute of Culture).
  • Natalya Mukhanova, assistant of vice-rector in scientific work and international communication, secretary of the organizing committee.

Address of the Organizing committee:

Samara State Institute of  Culture

167 Frunze street,
Samara 443010  Russia

  • Tel: (846) 333-22-11.
  • Fax: (846) 333-22-30
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