Institute mission

Samara State Institute of Culture trains professionals in the field of culture and arts. The Institute has an impact on artistic and cultural life of the Volga region and Russia and is a most important element in the interaction between intermediate vocational training, artistic higher education and regional Institutes of culture and arts. 

The proper ensuring of the Institute type, achievements and a long-standing reputation insure competitiveness of educational services in the Volga region, Russia and foreign countries market.

Close collaboration with employers, targeted training for cultural institutions, “pointed” selection of professionally oriented practice centers provide graduate employability at musical and drama theaters, in philharmonic societies, symphony and variety orchestras, folk instrument orchestras, academic and folk choirs, dance ensembles and dance theaters, advertising and travel agencies, production centers, recording studios, computer firms, TV and radio companies, libraries, archives, museums, publishing and bookselling corporations, cultural and leisure centers, administrative structures.

Institute mission – to be the leader of higher education in the field of art and culture in the region, to produce active functioning of cultural entity based on modern educational technologies, relevant scientific studies and artistic innovation.

Institute goal – provision of the Institute sustainable development through integration of resources, improvement of education quality and increase of competitiveness in the educational market.

Main Institute guidelines

1. Educational activity: implementation of multi-level degree structure (additional pre-vocational education – secondary vocational education– higher education) and continuing education program based on the principle “life-long learning” in SSIC; integration of teachers and students into the system of academic mobility.

2. Science and Research activity: creation of research points concentration of international level; expert support of research studies and art projects; participation in the grant programs and competitions of state and private foundations; integration of teachers and students into the system of academic grants.

3. Artistic work is related to upgrading of the level of the Institute creative projects; the increase of activity within the Russian and international festival movement; the expansion of the Institute role in cultural life of the region and Russia; rationalization of the Institute art policy.

4. Informatization and development of information and educational environment. Implementation of innovative technologies and appropriate mechanisms of their realization for information support of professional training; improvement of scientific effectiveness and management system efficiency; development of the Institute unified information and educational environment; extension of e-research and academic, artistic and creative content.