Samara State Institute of Culture was founded on March 15, 1971.

The Russian Federation represented by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation is the founder of the Institute (

Rector of the Institute – Elleonora Alexandrovna Kurulenko, Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor, Member of the Presidium of the Academic and Methodical Association (EMA) of Russian Federation higher educational institutions in the field of folk culture, social and cultural activity and information resources.

The academic staff includes doctors of science and professors, Honored and People’s artists, Honored workers of culture of the Russian Federation, winners and recipients of prizes of the International and All-Russian competitions and different state awards.

At present SSIC comprises 5 faculties and 26 departments, of which 19 are graduate departments.

The Music and Philharmonic centre “Conservatoire” and the Theater lab (Students’ Theater) are successfully operating on the basis of the Institute.