Elleonora A. Kurulenko

Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor

Elleonora A. Kurulenko is a competent, initiative official and a public figure, member of the Public Council for human rights and freedom under the Ombudsman of the Samara region, member of the Samara Duma Culture Council. She is actively engaged in lawmaking. She is honored with state and provincial awards.

Elleonora A. Kurulenko has been engaged in research and educational work for more than30 years. She is Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor, an honored cultural worker of Russia. She is the author of more than 120 scientific papers published in Russia, Belarus, Greece, Spain, the USA and Japan. In 1981 Elleonora Kurulenko got a Candidate degree of pedagogic sciences and Doctor of Cultural studies in 1999.

Rector is a pioneer and an organizer of a number of art projects (the Philharmonic Musical Center “Conservatoire”, Students’ Theater, All-Union and international art festivals: musical festivals named after S. Orlov and V. Khramov, Gennady Vlasenko dance festival, pop festival “On the wings of music”, theater festival “Teatromagiya”, “The Volga Open Competition of students-choirmasters”).

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Vice-Rector of Academic and Methodical Work,
Mikhail N. Mysin

Ph.D in Pedagogy, Associate Professor

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Vice-Rector for Research and International Contacts,
Svetlana V. Solovyova

Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor

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